Art Therapy

Art Therapy

A continous Art Therapy group for people interested in exploring their inner world at a regular pace

I invite you to embark into an adventure of self-discovery accompanied by other navigators. Creativity is the medium and the different arts will be your companions.

During the journey we will explore new experiencies and we will discover new inner territories through Art Therapy.

We will walk new paths which are different to the ones we have previously walked all along our life, overcoming obstacles in the way to lighten up the weight we carry on.

The horizon calls us to be the artist of our own story.

In this moment we have a group open on Saturdays, in the morning. It is also possible to open another group during working days.

If you feel interested, please contact Jennifer.

The Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a technique for personal development that nourishes the inherent capability of every human being to spontaneously express and project his/her inner world by means of the different arts: painting, clay, body expression, tales, music, drama, photography, collage, etc.

It doesn't require any prior skills nor special abilities. It is focused on the process more than on the outcomes.

In Story Arte we practice Humanistic Art Therapy with a Gestalt focus, which is based on the Gestalt Therapy pillars: becoming aware, the here and the now and taking responsibility.

Art Therapy in group