Stories with Music and Art

Storytelling can be combined with other art forms: Seeing a story expressed through colour, dance, music and art work never ceases to amaze me. Rock art, one of the earliest forms of depicting stories through art, inspired me so much that for many years I painted stories and told paintings in interactive story art exhibitions, as I believe the shamans once did in prehistoric caves.

Nowadays my son Pablo often accompanies me with his beautiful music, adding his delicate musical language to the world of stories. I am a very proud mum of this up-and-coming young musician, a storytelling and musical treat all in one.

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Stories with Music

Stories with Music

Two traditional art forms merge from one family to bring stories about nature to life: Pablo Aguado plays music and instruments from around the world to add a sensitive, emotional touch to the tales from Mother Earth.

Through music and story, we follow the adventure of Ferdinando the little bull who doesn’t want to fight and fly with a golden bird who values the importance of friendship.

Ideal for schools and festivals.

Technical Chracteristics:
Duration: 50 minutes.
Public: All publics.
Space: A large room that is available to set up one hour before the show starts.

Pablo Aguado: Spanish guitar, Australian didgeridoo, Mongolian singing.

Through music I express myself and let my feelings flow with the chords. I use music like words to accompany Jennifer’s stories.

As a musician I try to get in touch with all aspects of music, playing songs and instruments from different parts of the world, opening up to a new way of feeling and thinking. I have a Balfolk group called “Quercus Dúo”, we fuse traditional music and dances from European countries with guitar, accordion and violin.

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Stories with Music

Stories with Artwork - When Animals Were People

Stories with Artwork - When Animals Were People

When Animals Were People

Jennifer paints stories and tells the paintings in this colourful, interactive story-art exhibition. Everyone is invited to look for clues in the artwork, the clues take us to the stories and the stories take us deep into the works of art where we emerge into remote worlds full of colour, texture and mystery to the ancient time. A magical time when animals and people spoke the same language and everyone looked after our home: Mother Earth.

Stories with Artwork - When Animals Were People

Excellent for school campaigns in cultural centres and libraries.

Technical Chracteristics:
Duration: 50-60 minutes.
Public: 8-12 years. Groups of between 25 and 50.
Space: An exhibition room where the art work can be clearly displayed and children have space to move.