Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops

Info: Contact Jennifer if you want to learn more or to check availability. Available as a present for a beloved one

In Story Arte there are a variety of workshops to learn the ancestral art of Storytelling.

Beginner Workshop: For 3 hours we explore the basic tools and skills of the narrator so that you can learn to tell stories with confidence and fluidity.

Advanced workshops: We deepen our knowledge and narrative skills and explore different types of stories and styles of telling. Little by little we start to build our own repertoire of stories.

Workshops for Foreign Language Teachers: The stories and activities are carefully selected to be used in the language classroom. In English or Spanish.

Workshops for Parents: Specialized Storytellers offer their experience to teach parents and storytellers how to tell stories to babies and young children.

Storytelling and Clown: Storytellers specialized in clown offer experiential workshops to experienced storytellers.

Story Creation Workshops: Here we travel with our imagination to create stories individually or in groups.

Symbolic Psychodrama Workshops: We enter into a traditional fairy tale to deepen our knowledge of the symbolic world and to explore how it is connected to our process of individuation.