The Artists Way

A course in 13 weekly meetings based on "The Artist's Way" book.

The Artist's Way is a discovery path to reconnect ourselves with our own creativity and to free up the artist within us. It is based on the method created by Julia Cameron, which is recognized worldwide.

This is an invitation to all people who dream in developing their creative self, or even in deepening on it. The course is helpful to those who feel blocked, stuck or simply for those who want to be more creative. It is a transformation journey in search of that free and spontaneous part within us. There is a real change after completing the course. But careful!, you never know which specific type of creativity will be exactly unleashed...

Jennifer Ramsay offers a quiet and safe space, free of judgment, to accompany us along this inner path.

A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. Do you dare to walk your first step in the Artist's Way?

The Artist's Way