Weaving Stories

A gathering of women, patchwork and stories.

We invite you to get pass over the veils and enter a space of creation and cooperation in which we can share and exchange stories, skills and knowledge. In this space everyone can leave her golden thread in a patchwork to be part of a great collective story.

Stories unite us. They are able to transcend intercultural, intergenerational and time barriers, and to connect us to our fellow mates and to the universe. There are stories within us that need to be heard.

We will open a circle to listen with respect, so that those stories that want to be listened to, or need to get through, can do it. And afterwards, all together, we will all create a group tale inspired, in its turn, by our own individual stories.

Click here to see a wonderful patchwork made by a group of women in Hoyo de Manzanares, Spain, in 2012 from a 2-minute long visualization exercise.