Workshops for Adolescents

The forest of life may feel threatening in the transition stage of adolescence. As a young person defines his or her identity in the midst of changes, there may be confusion and uncertainty about where to go and which of the many different paths to take. Jennifer Ramsay offers a variety of workshops to help young people connect with their inner resources, to overcome the barriers on their journey and to be able to distinguish the helpers and guides from potential enemies:

Public Speaking: Explore basic narrative skills in a fun, participative workshop so you can make clear, effective and fluid presentations in public. For 1º - 4º ESO.

Talents for Interviews: Connect with your inner resources and talents through dynamic, participative activities and do some hands-on practise for interviews. For 4º ESO and Bachillerato.

Find your Vocation: Your vocation is waiting for you in the symbolic forest of life. Let’s explore this forest through body expression, story, theatre and expressive arts, to meet your mission in life. For 3º and 4º ESO and Bachillerato.

Workshops for Adolescents

This workshop can be delivered in English or Spanish, according to the audience's needs.