Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Workshops for business men and women

Jennifer Ramsay offers a range of workshops based on creativity and the ancient art of storytelling, to bring consciousness to the business world.

Storytelling: Tell the Story of your Business: In this workshop you will learn the basic tools of the narrator and connect with the authentic story of your business. All businesses have stories, they are like living beings. What is the name of your business? How old is it? Is it male or female? What’s special about it? Do you spend quality time together? The objective is to learn to tell the story of your business and to adapt it to different publics when necessary, to make it more meaningful for you and your clients.

Creative solutions: The aim of this workshop is to focus on a problem, from our professional or personal life, that is negatively affecting our business. Body expression, theatrical activities, play, and art therapy will help us shed light and consciousness on this problem, to try and see it as an ally on our path that can help us and our business grow.

Networking: Networking is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our own business and with other business people around us. Jennifer Ramsay can prepare and facilitate a Networking tailored to your needs. Through the ancestral art of storytelling and creative activities, focused on wakening consciousness, we become aware that we are not alone and that we are part of something much bigger. And, if we cooperate, we can form a strong network that is resistant to the change of temperature in the world outside, as well as feeling accompanied on our path as we in turn accompany others on their paths.