Dancing with Death VI: A 7 week journey with Storytelling, Creativity and Ritual to talk about Death and connect with life

Virtual via Zoom , Spain

In this course we are going to explore the theme of death through stories, art therapy and rituals. It is for anyone who feels the call to be able to talk about death in a natural way. It would be of special interest to storytellers, counselors, therapists and other people in the caring profession, in […]


The Fairy Tale Journey II: A Creative Exploration of the Process of Individuation

Virtual via Zoom , Spain

Can you hear the call to adventure to connect with your personal journey of individuation through 12 fairy tales? Join me as we embark on the second edition of this unforgettable journey through unknown territories, following a map passed on to me by Irene Henche, founder of the School of Symbolic Psychodrama and author of […]


The Artemis Amulet – IX International Seminar on Fairy Tale and Storytelling Therapy

Hotel Tivoli, Sintra, Portugal Praça da República 2710-616, Sintra, Sintra, Portugal

Inspired by Artemis, the Greek Moon goddess, we invite you to travel into the heart of the mysterious land of Sintra, also known as “Monte de Lua”. On this creative journey, Artemis will guide us through the deep forest and along secret mountain paths to help us connect with ourselves and with the cycles of […]

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