Working Creatively with Stories: Peter Pan

Working Creatively with Stories: Peter Pan - Jennifer Ramsay

Working Creatively with Stories: Peter Pan

In this interactive workshop, we journey deep into the story of Peter Pan to explore the story using tools from the Story Arte creative toolbox. Gestalt therapy, art therapy and/or Psychodrama will be accompanying us on the voyage.

We will be working with an abridged oral version of this famous story written by Sir James Matthew Barrie and sharing Nikita Gill’s thoughts from her book Fierce Tales – Poems & Stories to Stir your Soul.

We will be exploring the back stories of some of the characters and relating some of them to the enneagram. This workshop is experiential, and participants will be invited to explore the story in depth and engage actively in the activities.

Stories have been with us since the very beginning of humanity when we gathered around the fire to listen to myths of creation to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe. Stories have accompanied us through dark times, of war and plague and they are here to accompany us now, with their medicine, in this time of uncertainty.

In this workshop:

We will call upon the wisdom of this famous story to guide us.

We will experiment with tools from the world of Gestalt, art therapy or psychodrama as we deepen into the symbolic language of the story of Peter Pan.

We will walk in the shoes of the different characters in the story and explore their back stories.

We will explore the themes that come up during the development of the workshop

Learning objectives participants can expect from this event

You will learn how to work with the story of Peter Pan in a therapeutic setting

You will learn how to explore the characters in Peter Pan and briefly see how they connect to the Enneagram.

You will see how to work with some of the themes that this story may bring up in the group.

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