Jennifer Ramsay

Hi, I’m Jennifer Ramsay. I was born in Scotland, into the clan of the Ramsays. Love called me to Spain and I brought with me the ancient tradition of Storytelling from the celtic land of my birth. Since then, I’ve been telling tales and weaving life stories all over Spain, as well as in my centre, Story Arte, in the Sierra de Madrid area. Let me tell you more…





A long, long time ago, before I was born, story seeds were planted in my heart. My native Scotland, with its rich tradition in storytelling provided fertile soil for these seeds. They were lovingly nurtured by the many books that accompanied me in my childhood and grew into beautiful stories that cried out to be told.

Many of my stories are inspired in the dawn of civilization, when we gathered around the fire to listen to myths of creation to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe.

In 2004 I became a professional storyteller and since then I have told stories in more than 1,500 performances in libraries, schools and in national and international festivals.

I also work with life stories and in 2017 created Story Arte, a centre for Creativity and Personal development for people who hear the call to be accompanied on their hero’s journey or simply want to learn how to tell stories.

If you want to know my storytelling work, you can contact me here.

Art Therapist Gestalt, Dance & Movement

Through art, movement, creativity and mindfulness we connect with your hero’s journey. I’d love to accompany you and help you find the treasure at the end of the journey.

BSc in Biological Sciences, with honours, Napier University, Edinburgh.

Humanistic Art Therapy and Gestalt Therapy.

Psychology of Eneatypes (SAT Programme), trained by Claudio Naranjo and his team.

Postgrad in Integrated Body Process (PCI), trained by Antonio del Olmo (InCorpore).

Experiential Dance, with Víctor Orive (VoARTE).

Gestalt Theatre, trained by La Canoa de Papel.

Mindfulness trained in MBST in Nirakara and I practise the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Symbolic Psychodrama, trained by Irene Henache (Escuela de Psicodrama Simbólico).

Guest facilitator in Pedagogical Psychodrama training in Arte Sana de la vida.

Director of Story arte, Space for Creativity and Personal Growth.

If you would like to learn more about my therapeutic work, you can contact me here.

Celtic Priestess

Our name is our destiny. My name, Jennifer means White Enchantress. In Arturian mythology it is Genevieve, the queen of King Arthur, the sacred marriage.

Priestess in the Tradition of Celtic Reclaiming, trained by Morgaine.

Priestess in the path of Mary Magdalene, trained by Ana Otero.

Moon Mother, certified by Miranda Grey.

Facilitator of Celtic Ceremonies and Red Tents.

Expert in astrology, moonology.

Healing crystals, essential Oils, sacred drumming.

Part of the Priestess Training team in the Mary Magdalene Mystery School.

If you feel the call to be part of one of my ceremonies, you can contact me here.

Director of Story Arte: Centre for Creativity and Personal Growth

In 2017 my dream came true when I founded Story Arte, Centre of Creativity and Personal Development in Hoyo de Manzanares.

Story Arte is a warm, welcoming place where I offer personalized individual therapy and a good cup of tea.

Story Arte is also a meeting point for art therapy, psychodrama, dance & movement, Celtic ceremonies and last but not least the art of storytelling.

If you want to know Story Arte in person, please contact me here.

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