"If you don’t know the trees you can get lost in the forest
If you don’t know the Stories you can get lost in life."

In the beginning we listened to stories around the ancestral fire to help us to make sense of our world. They connected us with ourselves, with the clan and with the mysteries of life. Stories can still help guide us through the forest of life. Join us on a journey to a world of stories with Jennifer Ramsay.


A World of Stories


My Celtic


With Pablo Aguado

Living Stories

Dragon Medicine




The Art of Storytelling


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Storytelling & Business


I have told in international festivals and regularly tell stories in Spanish ‘bilingual’ schools. Stories provide a clear context for language learning and a framework to classify the information in a meaningful and memorable way.

A World of Stories

We embark on a magical trip to faraway lands with tales from around the world.

Perfect for promoting tolerance for diversity, a better cross-cultural understanding, the importance of cooperation and the defence of nature.

Ideal for Primary and secondary schools and adults learning English. The stories vary depending on the age of the public.

Scottish Culture
My Celtic World

A magical storytelling session set in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Following the rune of Celtic hospitality “When a visitor arrives there is food in the eating place, drink in the drinking place and stories and music in the listening place.

I invite you to the listening place to hear secrets from this green, mysterious land. Ideal for secondary schools, adult education and festivals.

A Taste of Scotland

A wonderful opportunity to bring my native Scotland to your school! In this mysterious land Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, lives in harmony with witches and ghosts.

Excellent for getting to know the folklore and traditions of Scotland. If my son is available, we would be happy to add in some Scottish dancing (6 – 12 years).

Ideal for schools and festivals.

Storytelling with Live Music

Two traditional art forms merge from one family: My son Pablo Aguado, an up-and-coming young musician, accompanies me with his beautiful Balfolk music and different instruments from around the world.

We bring tales from Mother Earth to life through music and story and we follow the adventure of Ferdinando the little bull who doesn’t want to fight and fly with a golden bird who values the importance of friendship and freedom: a storytelling and musical treat all in one. We have stories for all ages.



Dragon Medicine

A She Dragon needs help. Boys and girls of pure heart are needed to prepare medicine bags to heal the dragon.

This is an invitation to step into this living story and prepare a happy ending for our she dragon so she can live in peace and lay a golden egg, a special event that takes place once every 1,000 years!

Ideal for primary schools and special events.

Voice of the Trees

An Estonian story takes us back in time and tells us why trees stopped talking to humans. In this workshop we try to transform the end of the story by creating wish sticks to show the trees how much we care.

Hopefully, once again, we may hear the sweet voices of the trees whispering in the forest and learn from their wisdom.

Great for eco schools (8 – 12 years).

Story Dances

Through dance and expressive movement we enter into ancient myths and stories to see what it is like to walk in the footsteps of the different characters.

Aimed at teenagers and adults.

Story Medicine

We can also co-create a medicine story together. The invitation is to enter into the forest and let the flora and fauna of the forest offer your guidance to overcome any difficulties or conflicts that you may be experiencing in this moment.

This can be done as part of a group workshop or individually (in person or online).

Learn the Art of Storytelling

Since 2005 I have facilitated a wide range of courses to teach the ancient art of storytelling.

Many of the courses are for language teachers in primary or secondary education and in official language schools. My aim is to motivate teachers to feel confident about telling stories in the language classroom.

When the seeds of the stories start to sprout, teachers often report feeling inspired and more connected to themselves, to each other and to their students.

Ideal for anyone interesting in learning the skills of storytelling.

See detailed experience as teacher trainer.

Speaking and Presenting Workshop

The tools of the narrator are a useful support when faced with speaking in public.

Connect with your inner storyteller in a hands-on, participative workshop focused on highlighting your innate narrative skills: body language, gestures and expressions and tone of voice.

Learn the importance of dramatic pauses and give rhythm and life to your presentation. Everything you need to speak in public in a fluid and confident way.

Ideal for secondary school and university students.

Storytelling for Business

Connect with your inner storyteller and explore basic narrative skills in a participative workshop so you can make clear, effective work presentations.

The Story of your Business

Businesses are like living beings and have stories to tell. What is the name of your business? Is it male or female? Do you spend quality time together? In this workshop you will connect with the authentic story of your business and bring it to life for your clients.

Creative solutions

The aim of this workshop is to focus on a problem, from our professional or personal life, that is affecting our business. Body expression, theatre and art therapy will shed light on this problem, to help us see it as an ally on our path that can help us and our business grow.

I am an active member of AEDA (Spanish Professional Storyteller’s Association).

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