Climate Cafe

Climate Café - Esperanza Activa - Un espacio para reflexionar sobre la crisis climática

Every day we hear news about, how climate and ecological change is impacting our world and will continue to impact our future. It affects us all. However, many people find it overwhelming and hard to talk about the situation, whilst others may want to talk about it but feel silenced by others. A Climate Cafe offers a place for people to express their fears, uncertainties and hopes about the climate emergency in a safe, welcoming setting. 

What is a Climate Cafe?

A Climate Cafe is a social gathering.  It is an opportunity to give ourselves time to sit and describe our thoughts and feelings about the crises of our ecology. It’s a chance to meet with others to talk about what is happening, over a hot drink and a biscuit.

The gathering will be based on the book Active Hope, and you will be invited to take part in a warm, facilitated conversation where you can reflect on your feelings and those of others.

Please note that Climate Cafés are bounded by confidentiality and although they are not therapy sessions, talking about and sharing feelings can be therapeutic.

What is Active Hope?

Active Hopeis inspired in Deep Ecology. It’s about finding, and offering, our best response when facing concerns about our world situation. It offers tools that help us face the mess we’re in, as well as find and play our role in the collective transition, or Great Turning, towards a society and way of being that support the flourishing of life.

Who will be facilitating?

The Cafe is run by Jennifer Ramsay a facilitator in circles of Active Hope and member of the Climate Psychology Alliance (UK). Jennifer is a trained Ecotherapist, Gestalt and Art therapist and will also participate in the sharing and listening.

When is the next Climate Café taking place and how much does it cost?

The first Climate Cafe is on Friday 30th September 2022. See for upcoming climate cafes, eco retreats and other events.

There is no charge, but donations are welcome.

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