Ceremony of the Autumn Equinox

Ceremonia de equinoccio de otoño, ceremony Autumn equinox

Mabon: Ceremony for the Autumn Equinox

In the Celtic Wheel, Mabon is the festival of the autumn equinox. “Equinox” means “balance of day and night”, as both are equally long, so our work is to look for the balance between polarities: light and darkness, male and female energies, closing old cycles and opening new ones.

Mabon is a moment of the year to go inside, review, thank and harvest. What are you grateful for?

In autumn the leaves fall to the ground. the trees know it is the moment to let them go. The leaves fall down to nurture the earth, it acts as a fertilizer from which new life will blosom in the spring. As these new leaves grow a new cycle will begin. Is there anything that you would like to release to make way for the new?

If you feel the call to join our Mabon ceremony we would love to see you.

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