New Year Vision Mandala

Mandalas de la Visión de Año Nuevo

A creative start to your new year.

A new year, a new start, a new chapter in your life story and you are the artist of this story. Use your creativity to create a vision mandala to attract the words, thoughts and images that you would like to see written on these blank pages over this new year.

Which threads are waiting to be weaved into this part of your life tapestry? Are they bright colours that call out to be noticed or subtle, calming, harmonious colours?

Which themes will be present? Old stories from the past that you have told time and time again? Or are you willing to try out new stories full of hope and adventure? Who will be the main characters in this part of your hero’s journey? Are there characters who you should say goodbye to in order to create space for people who are more aligned with your current lifestyle?

This is the perfect moment to create a vision mandala, to focus on what you would like to attract and weave in this new part of your life story. You can do it alone, with friends or with family.


A big piece of card. Old magazines, scissors, glue, coloured pencils or crayons.


  1. Create a quiet, sacred space. Perhaps you could light a candle or burn some white sage to clear your house of negative energies and restore the balance. You could also sound a Tibetan singing bowl or put on some calming music.
  2. Connect with your breathing and the year that has just ended.
  3. Now focus on the blank card that represents the new chapter of your life waiting to unfold. What would you like to see or read in this new chapter? Perhaps you feel the need to cut the card into a square, a circle or another shape.
  4. Look through the magazines and pay attention to any words or images that catch your eye. If you would like to attract this into to your life, cut it out and leave it aside.
  5. When you feel you have enough material, make a collage by pasting your ‘treasures’ onto the card.
  6. Feel free to write, draw or add other material onto your vision mandala.
  7. Step away and look at it from afar, how do you feel about your vision mandala?

Only time will tell what the coming year holds for you. At the end of the year, look back and see how reality compared to what you created in your vision mandala.

May you find creative solutions to any obstacles you find on your path throughout the coming year.

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