What is a Red Tent?

Tienda Roja, Red Tent

Red Tent in Story Arte, Saturday 11th January 2020

In some ancient traditions, women came together in circle during their moon time. This place was known as a red tent and in the culture of the Native Americans as a Moon Lodge. Here, women could slow down and reconnect with themselves, with sisterhood and with life. It was a special time for sharing and for dreaming, marked by the cyclicity of the moon. Every month there was the potential for transmutation and rebirth, a time of renewal and letting go.
We can still learn from this ancient wisdom. Every month, Story Arte offers a red tent, a sacred space for women to gather together to celebrate the full or the new moon. We observe our female cyclicity, we nurture one another and share experiences about the different stages and challenges of womanhood in our times.
Our Red Tent Magdala is based on the teachings of the Mary Magdalene Mystery School. Through creativity, singing, dancing, drumming and ancient myths, we leave aside the pressures of daily life, to explore what’s happening deep within our body temples and connect with our true self.

Jennifer Ramsay and Olgaiatri are Priestesses of Mary Magdalene, Keepers of the Feminine Mysteries, initiated by Ana Otero (Mary Magdalene Mystery School) and also Moon Mothers, initiated by Miranda Gray

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